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Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster


Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster LITCARE has started to implement a Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund


The association "Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster"  has started to implement a project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund "Development of the Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster and Promotion of Internationality" No. 03.2.1-LVPA-K-807-02-0026.

Project budget: 496,138.17 Eur, EU funding: 300,627.00 Eur

Beginning of implementation of the activities: August 7, 2019

Completion of activities: February 28, 2023

The aim of a project is the development of the Cluster's exports and involvement in international network chains.


The project goals are: increase the added value of the medical tourism sector and penetrate the new markets, the Cluster's involvement in international network chains and export development.

Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster has been active since 2013. The cluster is recognized and evaluated by the international community, as evidenced by the Bronze Label rating, as only viable and active clusters are certified. LITCARE forms the medical tourism value chain through synergies and coordinated activities that contribute to the development of value-added exports of medical tourism services and promote internationalisation.

The members of the Cluster are SMEs. This project will allow the Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster to establish international cooperation with other international networks.

This will facilitate the integration of SMEs into the global value chains. Membership in international networks will allow the Cluster to enter international markets, as well as exchange experiences and seek potential partners for international cooperation. These partnerships will encourage them to work together to exploit synergies and develop a common strategic vision with a global perspective and a common goal to reach new, untapped markets. The project will contribute to the promotion of SME exports in global markets. Sharing your capabilities with other organizations in international networks will expand your knowledge of international markets and allow Cluster SMEs to be competitive and innovative. Membership in international networks will expand international connections in professional networks, it will be possible to use advanced knowledge in your specific field and gain global visibility, increase the competencies of the cluster and its members. All these activities will allow the members of the Cluster to increase their sales to foreign customers and contribute to the development of exports.


The association "Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster" has implemented the Project "Development of Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster"


The Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster LITCARE unites leading Lithuanian private and public organizations providing medicine, dentistry, medical rehabilitation, accommodation, SPA and health, travel and leisure, and many other services. The goal of LITCARE is to provide medical tourists with first-class services in Lithuania. The Cluster creates the medical tourism value chain and supports it through synergies and coordinated activities.

2013-2016 the Cluster has implemented project “Development of the Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster” No. VP2-1.4-ŪM-01-K-02-016 in accordance with the measure “Inoklaster LT” of the Economic Growth Operational Program Priority 1 “Research and Technological Development for Economic Competitiveness and Growth”, the task of which is to “Improve the environment for knowledge and technology dissemination , to promote business and scientific cooperation in research and technological development ".

With this project, LITCARE sought to increase the awareness of the Cluster, the level of internationality, to promote cooperation between Lithuanian and foreign companies, and to create favorable conditions for the long-term strengthening of relations between the members of the Cluster and the scientific community. To achieve this goal, in the context of the LITCARE project, conducted the research necessary for the development of the Cluster (target markets, opportunities for effective positioning of the cluster in target markets, opportunities to create service packages, etc.), which helps to increase the efficiency and maturity of the Cluster value chain, partner promotion events in target markets, cluster members sharing knowledge on service quality improvement opportunities, with the involvement of experts from abroad, carried out complex (unified, integrated, targeted) Cluster marketing.

The project activities allowed to achieve the following results:

  • Attract new members and partners (both in Lithuania and abroad)

  • Increase Cluster's competitiveness in the target markets, which would lead to the growth of the Cluster's consolidated revenues and export volumes

  • Ensure the continuity of LITCARE operations.


The Project has received 156,629.98 Eur from the European Regional Development Fund.


Project implementation duration - 24 months.



Association "Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster"

Pamėnkalnio str. 40, Vilnius, 01114, Lithuania


Legal entity code 303075979

Bank account No. LT837230000000606130

Bank UAB "Medicinos bankas"

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