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Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster

The chain of services and added values

The route of a medical tourist leads through multiple medical and non medical services. An integration of this variety of services creates the unique added value chain where every aspect of treatment and any need of a medical tourist has been already foreseen.

Health Care services – Core of the Cluster


General Medicine Services provides diagnostics, therapeutic and surgical treatment: check-up programs, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, fertility treatment, otorhinolaryngology, sports medicine, dermatology, traumatology, orthopedics, cardiology, vascular surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery and many more.


Main Dentistry Services: dental implants, prosthodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontal treatment, endodontics, laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, 3d radiology, sedation dentistry, children's dentistry, general dental therapy, etc.


Or strongest Medical Rehabilitation specialities are neurology for children & adults, traumatology (children & adults), orthopedics (children & adults), arthrology (children & adults), cardiology (adults), pulmonology (children), ophthalmology (children) and gastroenterology (children).


Medical SPA provides medical SPA treatment, mineral water treatment, mud baths & applications, vertical baths,  classic medical massages, underwater massages and hundreds of other treatment and beauty procedures.


Treatment to become a vacation


Besides treatment during the vist medical tourists may enjoy a unique Lithuanian cuisine, urban activities, shopping, business meetings, various culture events and entertainment, museums and galleries, excursions, lake or seaside recreation, countryside leisure, sports and active leisure, chlidren’s activities and many more our Tourism & Recreation services. Special services like interpreting, baby sitting and personal assistance can also be provided.


Please note! Our specialists are fluent in english and russian languages.

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